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  • Four Seasons
    Four Seasons
    It is appropriate to attach a letter or postcard with illustrations that are sensed accordingly with weather.
  • Ocean
    In spite of being ukiyoe picture, as the representative of Japan which has been known widely, tide is drawn as the lively and popular pattern depending on seasons.
  • Dragon
    You can use it as a Japanese representing point depending on seasons because it is a popular pattern like accessories and counted in the zodiac.
  • Rabbit
    Rabbit, often appearing in Japan’s folklore, is the symbol of mountains and the moon. As it is counted in the zodiac, it is an easy-to-use illustration.
  • Bamboo
    It also indicates fortune of the next year and blooming plant as this is the type of fortune which can be seen through the words of bamboos, pines and yellow apricot trees.
  • Sakura
    Sakura- the symbol of spring in Japan- plays an active role in various scenes of early spring days.

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